Friday, 20 May 2016

Afternoon Tea at Patisserie Valerie

There's something unashamedly indulgent about afternoon tea. You lounge around with endless cups of tea (or for me, coffee) and eat cute miniature cakes and finger sandwiches until you're too stuffed to move. Its one of my favourite things to do ever because it merges two of the best past times, eating and socialising.

I went with my little sisters while they are back home from uni. We eat our weight in adorable treats and buzzing from the sugar and caffeine, caught up on all the things we had missed in each others lives.

We ordered a cappuccino, a Mocha and a pot of green tea (very good green tea says my little sister, and she is the green tea expert).

When the clotted cream arrived I got very excited. There are few things I love more in life than a scone smothered in clotted cream and jam.

The cakes are all miniatures of existing cakes in their collection. I particularly loved the chocolate sponge, two thin layers of sponge anchoring a thick wedge of creamy, chocolate ganache. The purple thing was something like solidified blackberry yoghurt? not my favourite. The Victoria sponge was very nice but we thought the jam inside was a little overly sweet.

The smoked salmon sandwiches were amazing, good quality salmon and not too much cream cheese. The one I really loved though was the chicken and roasted red pepper, tender chicken and a little hint of spice to it.

These mini quiches were amazing, I wish they were bigger/there were more of them, I tried to do the sisterly thing and not eat them all (secretly eat them all)

The most important part - at least in my opinion - the scones. They were crisp on the outside and soft on the inside, you get a selection of plain and raisin, I loved them both.

The carrot cake was lovely but I had to pick the walnuts out (I hate walnuts) and it could have had more frosting, otherwise it was good, just the right level of spices.

The afternoon tea is £25 for two or £12.50 per person. You also have the option of adding Prosecco for £5 extra. We paid for 3 people but this was a lot of food and we ended up having to take a third of it home. They give you unlimited tea/coffee, so take them up on that perk and get plenty of re-fills. The staff in the Kingston branch were all very lovely and accommodating. Go hungry! it may not look filling because everything is miniature, but trust me, it is. In the branch we went to there was also a spacious outside area so you can sit in the sunshine, weather permitting.

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