Monday, 10 October 2016

Weekly Inspirations


Teen Wolf

Teen wolf isn't something I saw myself getting addicted to, its about this boy who gets bitten and you can kind of guess the rest. His girlfriend also happens to be a wolf hunter, there are positive themes of homosexuality and feminism that give this show a very modern feel.

Hemlock Grove

This was brilliant, its based on a book and there are only 3 seasons, but I still loved it. It centres around Peter who becomes a wolf every full moon, there are also creatures called 'Opir' which are essentially vampires. Adult themes, sex, violence, incest and magic make it sound less accessible than it is. There's a warm core of 'trying to do the right thing' with these characters, but they are so damaged and flawed that this always seems hard for them to do. Also some very cool scenes of humans turning into wolves, watch it just for that, the special effects are amazing.

Books: The bone season

This was a long but great book. Its set in a world where clairvoyance exists, but its illegal. Known clairvoyants who work for the state are used to catch other clairvoyants on the street. London has become this underground network of illegal clairvoyance trade, whilst the main character is happy living underground, she is kidnapped and becomes a slave in a place that isn't even on the map anymore. Its interesting, its very plot driven but the characters are well fleshed out and the book keeps you intrigued until the last page, I regret not pre-ordering the next book in the series, now I have to wait for it in the post.


Willow Smith - Female Energy

I had no idea Willow Smith was still making music these days, I stumbled across this gem by her and now I can't stop listening to it. It's a very chilled out, alternative song, my favourite kind at the moment.


'What not to say to a Bisexual person'

I always found it interesting that people don't see bisexual people as a thing, like its just some made up sexuality because people don't talk about it on a serious level. This girl is one of my favourites on Youtube, in this video she talks about all the common misconceptions that come along with being bisexual.


Do you know how difficult is was to find pictures or videos of black girls wearing different lipstick shades was before Youtube? Tv adverts and magazines never show what colours looks like on darker women, which makes it impossible to know what those shades will look like on us, compared to someone paler. This video shows all 29 Kat Von D liquid lipstick shades on 4 different skin tones. Genius.

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