Sunday, 7 August 2016

Weekly Inspirations

StyleLikeYou on Youtube

This is an incredible series I discovered on Youtube, the premise is they get someone to sit in front of a camera and with some very simple yet powerful questions, they slowly spill out their soul. It reminds me of why I love reading so much, because you get to see a little part of someone else's inner life. Its seriously addictive stuff, I've made my way through every single one of these videos (it took me weeks) they can't produce these videos fast enough for me.


A thought provoking speech on the lifelong issues that come with procrastination.


The Hateful Eight

This was a film I'd been meaning to see for what feels like forever, I finally saw it and of course I loved it. Tarantino can do no wrong, the film was full of suspect characters, greediness, violence and a million different sub-plots. I wish there were a few more locations in the film, its primarily shot in a carriage going through a blizzard and a cafe in the middle of nowhere. Although this was probably done intentionally to make the main focus be about the individual characters.


This came out last year, its about two women who fall in love in the 1950's, Its very sad and realistic, but I like that, even though I wanted things to work out for them it shows the backwards reality that they lived in at the time.

The Hunger Games Mockingjay part 2

This couldn't have concluded in a more epic and satisfying way. The action was immense, there's a semi-twist towards the end that really shows how far katnis is willing to go to protect the people. A brilliant end to an amazing series.

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