Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Beauty review

NYX stay matte but not flat powder foundation

I've been testing this out for a while now, its a very high coverage, coloured powder that does what it claims to do. It gives you a medium to high coverage, depending on how much you use, and gives the skin a matte finish without the chalkiness and 'flatness' that a lot of other powder foundations can give. I've used this as my foundation, dusted over concealer which works very well for oily skin, as well as using it as a setting powder over liquid foundation, the latter gives a super flawless look and is perfect for nights out, or days where you know you're going to be wearing make-up all day and need it to look perfect right to the end.

NYX soft matte lip cream in 'Berlin'

Ever since NYX launched in Boots stores I've been looking at their lip collections almost daily. I bought a few of their soft matte lip creams because the formula is fantastic. It is a little drying, but not as drying as something like the MAC retro liquid lips or the Kat Von D ones. This gives a velvet finish and although isn't completely transfer proof, stays on the lips for many hours without touch ups, and its so affordable! I got 'Berlin' which is a beautiful warm toned brown, 'Dubai' which is a cool toned brown, and I still love 'Copenhagen' I got a while back with is a deep, dark berry tone.

Loreal telescopic mascara

I've been trying to find mascara's that match up to the Benefit rollerlash for a while now, and when it came time for me to buy a new one I remembered how much I loved the L'oreal telescopic back in the day. Its similar to the rollerlash in that it has a very thin, plastic brush that is slightly curved. This gives a lot of length, seperates lashes well and if you build it up gives decent volume too. I must say it doesn't hold a curl as well as the rollerlash, so if you have stubborn, straight lashes like me and you're looking for a big flutter of a curl, this is not the one.

Loreal Super liner perfect slim

Its hard to make me stray from my favourite Kat Von D tattoo liner, but this is definitely up there with the best of them. The felt tip is super sharp and thin so you can achieve a very precise flick and the thicker base of the felt tip means you can build up the cat eye quickly and easily. The formula is good, it doesn't smudge, but it isn't waterproof. Its very dark but its not carbon black, works well over eyeshadow and you can layer it without product build up.

The Body Shop vitamin E aqua boost sorbet

I wasn't massively impressed with this moisturiser, that's not to say its bad, just not enough moisture for my skin. Its a 'sorbet' which essentially means its a light-weight gel texture. This smells lovely and sinks in fast making it ideal for summer mornings, however I think this would be suited much better to people with very oily skins.

L'occitane Vanille and narcisse eau de toilette

I really didn't need any more purfume's, but I walked into L'occitane one day, smelt this, and knew I had to have it in my life. It has an intoxicating madagascan vanilla base and a subtle blend of spices that results in a beautiful scent. The bottle is also very understated but chic, On days when I'm not wearing this scent, I sometimes pick the bottle up just to smell it. Addictive stuff.

Maybelline nail polish in City Smoke

I actually tried this when I was staying over my friends house and needed to borrow a nail polish. Its not something I would usually be drawn to but I got so many compliments that day on the colour that I went into Boots and picked up one for myself. City Smoke is a muted, duck egg kind of blue, it looks amazing on all skin tones, and the formula of these colour show polishes are also pretty decent in longevity, 4 days without chipping.

Maybelline Falsies Volume Express mascara

I hated this mascara, now keep in mind that mascara is a very personal thing, we all have different lashes and different things we want from a mascara. I have a lot of lashes, but they are short, very straight, stubborn lashes that almost refuse to curl, so I'm looking for massive lift and separation. Its not a plastic brush (which I prefer) and is 'spoon shaped' not curved so much as slightly not straight? this did nothing for my lashes, it didn't lift, it didn't hold a curl, or separate, it gave good volume but that just wasn't enough for me.

B Nourished advanced serum

I've been testing this product for months now, and can say with confidence that it really delivers on its promises. This plumps up the skin and reduces fine lines (also wrinkles apparently but I don't have any of those yet to test this on) I have deep laughter lines around my mouth and this has definitely smoothed them out. Its high in good oils like Linseed, cotton, and contains Hylauronic acid for long lasting hydration. It has a silicone slip to it but I don't mind this, as it sinks in pretty quickly. I'm hesitant to recommend this product because it has 'Alcohol Denat' (De-natured Alcohol) high up on the ingredients list. Alcohol in beauty products gives long term dryness and causes irritation to the skin. Brands mostly add alcohol to their products so that they sink in faster and the texture is more lightweight. I'm enjoying this serum and it does what it says it should do, but I won't be re-purchasing.

Snow Fairy shower gel

I'm teasing you with this one, because Snow Fairy is only available at Christmas time (From September to December). I try to get my hands on one every Winter but its usually sold out before I can get in store. I was lucky enough to get one this year for Christmas. It smells of cotton candy, its a very sweet fragrance but not overpoweringly so. If you want something similar, The Comforter shower cream is just as lovely, with a more fruity scent to it.

Good Things Manuka honey exfoliating body scrub

This is a great body scrub for the price point. It as Shea butter, glycerine and royal jelly to soften, walnut shell powder and pumice for gentle yet effective exfoliation, I like that the gel is thick, so it really grips to the skin, and doesn't just slide off your legs in the shower like a lot of other body scrubs do. and it smells good too.

Lumi Drops by GOSH

I've mentioned this before I think, but I'm still in love with this liquid highlighter. added to the high points of the face, it gives a very subtle glow, but mixed in with foundation (my favourite method) it adds a natural radiance to the skin that make's you look lit from within. A star product.

Revolution Vivid baked highlighter in 'Pink Lights'

Although its name begs to differ, this is definitely a lilac toned highlight, I saw it on my friend and I just had to have it. Its very similar in texture and finish to the MUA undress your skin highlights. They are not kidding when they say vivid... this gives the most intense shine to the skin, its packed with iridescent shimmer for serious glow, no chunks of glitter here. This would suit all skin tone except the very dark. You can also really pack this on for an out of this world, TOWIE style highlight, great for nights out. A lilac highlighter is so unique (although there's a beautiful one by Sleek as well). Highlighter is still enjoying its moment in the spotlight as a hero product, and there are more and more affordable highlighter releases to be seen, this is something truly special.

NUXE Reve Del Miel lipbalm

I got this recently because the beauty community have been obsessed with it for years now, and although its ridiculously expensive for a lip balm (£9.50) it is a very good formula. Its a very thick textured cream that smells faintly of honey, it adheres to the lips and stays on for hours and hours, even though eating and drinking, and sinks into the lips over time. I put on a thick layer and night and wake up with the softest lips ever. This is definitely a luxury product and not something you need, there are amazing lip balms on the high street like the Blistex relief cream, but this feels like a treat to use.


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