Thursday, 3 December 2015

November favourites

Rimmel Kate Moss nude lipstick in 48

Finally, a decent nude lipstick for darker skin tones on the highstreet! Rimmel recently released a collection of nude lipsticks with Kate Moss, and they are brilliant. They are part of the 'lasting finish' range and so have decent staying power, at least for a non-matte they do. I'm wearing 48 which looks equally as stunning on a paler skin if a little more dramatic.

By Terry ombre blackstar in Brown Perfection

This is one of the best beauty purchases I've made all year. I heard about the Ombre blackstars from various Youtubers and somewhat dismissed them because they are so expensive, Then I tried some on the back of my hand and fell in love. This cream eyeshadow stick is like no other, it glides on effortlessly, gives the strongest dose of pigment and blends like a dream (but blend quickly, once this sets its not going anywhere) I have the one in Brown perfection and this makes a beautiful base for a smokey eye, it has very subtle shimmer, looks stunning by itself, and any shadow you put on top will stay there for 24 hrs (yes I've given it that test) they have an interesting colour range too.

Aromatherapy Associates candle

Aromatherapy Associates do some amazing candles, they scent an entire house and burn evenly. They last well too, I burned my candle for a good 8 hours and only a quarter of the wax had gone down. They have a great range of scents and come in incredible packaging, the box has some kind of watercolour illustration on it, so it would make a great gift too.

Kat Von D tattoo liner in Trooper

I've been wanting to try this eyeliner for a long time, and I finally justified the purchase. Its sold in America and works out to be about £20, but this was money well spent. I wanted to see how it would compare to the Stila stay all day liner I love so much, and I can say it is better. They are similar, but the Kat von d liner has a brush tip, almost like an actual paint brush, the tip tapered to a fine point and glides across the eye smoothly. Its the blackest of blacks, its waterproof/smudeproof and has a spring cap so the product doesn't dry out. Without doubt, the perfect eyeliner.

Skin food platinum grape cell eye cream

I've never been into eye creams (I usually just drag whatever moisturiser I'm using around the eyes) but my eyes have gotten drier in recent months and make-up doesn't sit as well there. I got a sample of this eye cream from my sister along with a loads of other Korean beauty products. As soon as I used this I knew it was pretty exceptional. Its a thick cream, and so takes a little while to sink in, but once it does it makes my eye area feel like silk. This would be great for everyone but dry skins will appreciate it the most. Expect a lot more Korean skincare reviews because they really know their stuff.

Innis free blackberry sheet masks

Another Korean skincare offering, this time in the form of a sheet mask. I've never used a sheet mask before but its pretty simple. You wash your face, unfold the cloth mask which is soaked in product, then lay over your face for about 20 minutes. This really smells of blackberries but not to an offensive level. Its a little gooey - there is a LOT of product in these cloths! - so its best to lay down when you have it on or it will just slip off your face. Once the time is up you rub in the remaining product. My skin felt like it had just downed 2 litres of water, refreshed, soft, and very smooth. I've already made a bulk order of this stuff.

MUA Undress your skin shimmering highlighter

I've talked about the MUA highlighters before but lately I'm loving it again. The pink one gives such a shimmery, not at all glittery, glowy highlight. Apply to all the areas the sun would naturally hit your face, the tops of the cheek bones, a little down the bridge of the nose, the cupids bow, middle of chin, centre of forehead and the brow bones. This is exclusive to Superdrug, for something ridiculous like £3, go buy it, go buy it now!

Innis free no sebum mineral powder

I've only been using this for a week, but its already top on the list of powders I've ever used. Bold claim, but when you apply this transluscent powder your skin still looks like skin, no chalky-ness, your skin is matte but not in a dead, flat way. I've never seen a powder achieve such a natural look, its like you haven't put anything on. Its so finely milled that you have to be careful not to spill it everywhere, its practically lighter than air this powder is so weightless. In terms of oil control its very decent. Also, it smells nice.

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