Sunday, 8 November 2015

Weekly Inspirations

Katie Melua - Wonderful Life

I first heard this on a television advert and 10 seconds in I was already googling the lyrics to try and find the song. Its 'Wonderful Life' originally a song by the artist 'Black', Katie Melua covered it and made it, in my opinion, so much better. I've probably played it 50 times already.

Lana Del Rey

Another day another undiscovered unreleased Lana track. Although I discovered this one a while back, I'd forgotten how much I love it. Its just the creepy, mellow and thematic kind of song I like to listen to while scrolling through Tumblr and drinking coffee. Other gems include 'Money honey', 'Chelsea hotel' and 'Children of the bad revolution'.

First Aid Kit

Another song I heard on an advert and loved, Its a very cool sounding song, and I really like the video too, the whole thing is like a performance art piece.


Clouds of Sils Maria

I never rated Kristin Stewart until I saw her in 'The Runaways' (Watch it, its brilliant) but I never realized how many other films she'd been in. This was good, if you can't stand people talk about the art and craftsmanship of film and film actors then step away from this one, but for me, even with all the pretentious crap that came out of their mouths, there was still a lot of sincerity, and I loved the plot even if I was frustrated with the ending.

Paper Towns

This was an unexpected love, I love John Green, but its very easy to over-romanticize his work (see The fault in our stars) so I planned to avoid this adaptation. However, it was interesting and cute but not in a monstrously cliché way. I appreciate that Margo isn't necessarily meant to be a likable character because too many are, and that's not realistic. It was good but not one I'd probably watch again.

Around the web

Motivation podcasts from Jess Lively

I'm very into podcasts lately, its a nice change to walk down the road and be listening to something with a little more substance than pop songs. If you go on her website she has many podcasts with different guests on topics such as buisness, love, parenting, blogging, beauty, motivation, etc. I'm also huge into the BBC iplayer author podcasts, great interviews about the writing process, publishing and the creativeness of writing.

Getting to know Daniel Radcliffe

This video I found on Vogues Youtube channel, they have this series called '73 questions' where as the name would suggest, they ask celebrities 73 questions in quick succession. What a great idea? Its like an in depth hour interview squeezed into the space of 5 minutes. If you're as huge a fan of Daniel Radcliffe as I am then you should definitely check it out. His answers are brilliant, some of them random, some personal, its very insightful and quite funny too.

Alexa Chung - The future of Fashion

Another recent gem from Vogues Youtube channel is the fashion web series they did with Alexa Chung. She interviews fashion designers and students about the future of fashion, How can you get into fashion? Is it as superficial as we think it is? This is a great series, even if you don't want to break into the fashion industry.

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