Thursday, 2 July 2015

June Favorites

I got the Elemis Pro radiance on sale at Feel Unique, I'd never heard of a cream cleanser imparting radiance and was curious. It smells incredible, but does have fragrance which might be triggering if you're prone to full on acne. I wouldn't say it made my skin any more radiant but it definitely removes make-up thoroughly and feels nourishing. You get a massive 200ml for £29 so this is good value for money (in the long run) because it will last you, with daily use, at least 6 months - depending on how much you use each time.

I've been after this lipstick for a long time but as I don't often wear bright colors any more I couldn't justify the purchase. MAC's Heroine is somewhere between magenta and lavander. It looks good on everyone but particularly striking on darker skin tones. This shade was made in collaboration with Lorde, known for her dark vampiric lips since she broke into the music scene, It was named after her debut album - which is great by the way. Heroine and its darker sister shade Pure Heroine are the perfect purples.

I got this palette recently on Vivianna does make-up's recommendation, and I'm so glad I did, Its only around £18 but you wouldn't think it from the incredible quality of these shadows. They are honestly on par with Urban Decay, they're seriously that good! I hadn't heard much about Zoeva before but since trying this I'm going to try out more of their brand. My favorite combination from this palette is using Substitute for love all over the lid, Freshly toasted in the crease with a little beans are white in the outer crease, which creates a beautifully natural gradient of color. Full review on this coming soon.

Another thing I've been wanting for a long time are the Zoeva brushes, mainly the eye set because all my eye brushes are old and a bit tattered. These are definitely an investment, at around £60, but after many uses I can report they are entirely worth it. This set comes with several crease brushes ranging in size and density, a thin, angled liner, a thin slanted tipped liner, a small detailer (great for adding shimmer to the inner eye corner), a flat shader, flat smudger and rounder smudger. 12 brushes in total. They also come in a luxurious pouch which although isn't leather, is very good imitation. If you like to experiment with eye looks and struggle to get the right effect, these brushes will do half the work for you.

OGX was on offer at Superdrug recently so expect many more reviews! the coconut milk serum is seriously good stuff. You apply this to damp hair and then continue to style. I usually add this, then a hair cream on top before blow drying and then straightening. It makes such a massive difference! my hair is smoother, softer, shiner, and stronger too. It also smells delicious, like a coconut cream vanilla cake. The thing that impresses me most about the brand is that its designed for all hair types, its thirst quenching enough for my dry, afro Caribbean hair, but lightweight enough (and doesn't leave residue) for European hair. An absolute must try.
I'd been wanting to try a Nars concealer, and originally was going to go for their 'creamy conealer' which is in liquid form, but thought for my oily skin a cream would be better. I have very pigmented skin, its light in some areas, and dark in others, so many concealers have come and gone, leaving no real impression on me, Although this isn't perfect, its the closest I've gotten in years. The formula is very smooth, it blends out easily and doesn't crease in the fine lines under the eyes. My only problem with this is that it doesn't cover my dark circles and pigmentation completely, you can still see some poking through, but I know I'd never achieve the level of coverage I'm looking for without buying something short of a tattoo concealer. It lasts well (around 8 hours on oily skin) Very good product overall, perfect if you have mild pigmentation issues.

Another dreamy hair offering from OGX, this time in the form of an intensive mask. This smells lovely, but be warned it is a very strong scent, and it will fill the entire room. Summer has not been kind to my hair, its drier than its ever been and I was desperate for something to work. After the first use my hair was the softest its ever been, Its like a glass of water for your hair, if that makes sense. For the price point this mask is very effective.

I was hesitant to try The Balm's Mary Lou-manizer because its such a light highlighter. An icy white, I thought might not flatter my skin tone, but I looked up pictures of other bloggers of my skin tone wearing this and they looked amazing so I bought it, and I wasn't dispointed. This is the most natural highlighter I've seen. It gives the effect of being lit from within, this can also be built up for a very showy, 'cars crashing from being blinded by the beam coming off your face' kind of highlight. There's a more bronzey version of this - the Betty lou-manizer - and a lighter, champagne pink version called the Cindy lou-manizer which would be ideal for very fair skin. I know I'll be loving this product for years to come. A cheaper alternative would be the MUA highlighter (the icy white one, not the pink)

I've been hearing a lot about the Maybelline color tattoos and finally decided on a shade. I got Pomegrante punk which is a stunning rust toned red, it has undertones of brown, shot through with silver glitter. Up close, I'm not a fan of the glitter, but from far away it looks flattering on the eye, The gel-cream formula means it glides nicely on the eye, and once it sets it really does stay on like a tattoo. Although it is surprisingly easy to remove at the end of the day, no special make-up remover required. There are some lovely natural shades like On and on bronze and Permanent taupe (I have my eye on these two), as well as brights such as Endless purple and Everlasting Navy. I constantly wear these to work and safely say they last well over 12 hours, impressive.

I was looking for a more natural blush and stumbled upon Sunrise by Sleek. Its not as natural as I was hoping for (a lot of shimmer) its still very pretty on the cheeks and I'm glad I've found it. Its a pink toned brown, with lots of tiny gold shimmer. Although there is lots of shimmer, once its on the face its not too much. It think this would suit all skin tones, except the very fair. This is the blush I've been reaching for most lately because its, as long as you don't use to much, a lovely natural color. I got mine from ebay and it doesn't seem to be available at shops, but Sahara is very similar. 

About a month ago I broke out in loads of tiny pimples in the center of my forehead, I don't need a skin care professional to tell me it was stress related. I heard the Aesop Chamomile concentrate is great for de-congesting the skin so I gave this one a try. Its a very thin textured cream that once applied dries to a soft finish, but firm. Its easy to wash off and I've had a noticeable decrease in spots, I use it three times a week after exfoliating. It doesn't prevent spots but it helps to make their shelf life remarkably shorter.


  1. I want to try so many of these products :) the hair mask, concealer, coconut oil and tattoo colour are my faves xx

    1. They are all absolutely worth the money! my favorite finds this month are the intensive conditioner and the color tattoo, I'm going out to buy more shades! I think you'd really like to Taupe one =) xoxo


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