Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Photo Diary: Five guys, Wine and Comic con

Comic con was an amazing time, it reminded me of being in a concert atmosphere, everyone together in one place sharing a common interest. Stalls were everywhere displaying film memorabilia, comic books, graphic novels, cool t-shirts, creative and unique art, vintage/rare video games,  cool cupcakes and American candy. It took all my willpower not to buy everything I saw! My favorite picture from the day is below of my friend being held captive by storm troopers.

Stole the last three above from the internet, how the hell did I miss Captain Jack Sparrow!

We went to Five guys again recently, I swear each time is better than the last. Its one of the best burgers in London, it doesn't look anything special in the foil but don't be fooled! its insanely good. Commence food porn.

We also went to Richmond for drinks, it was ridiculously windy and just as most British people do we sat outside because cold or not, the sun was out! the sun never comes out in England, you have to make the most of it, even if you're shivering.

Close up of the 'Liquid Halo' foundation by Smashbox, really liking the coverage of this, good for oily skins. Eye shadow is 'Hustle' from the naked palette, blush is creme puff by Maxfactor in 'Gorgeous berries', lipstick a mixture of '122 nougat' by GOSH and '665 choco-licious' by Revlon.

Neccesary coffee addiction for work. Has anyone had these caramel waffle things before? I can't stop eating them! you can get them in startbucks and some corner shops.

I have a serious sugar fixation right now, I'm trying to cut down but its difficult. When I'm stressed I could metaphorically just pour a bag of sugar down my throat. I picked these up in Tesco, I didn't even notice they were wheat and gluten free, I just quickly grabbed anything I liked the look of - as I do most mornings - they taste pretty much the same as their glutenous sister, except the biscuit base in these ones are chewier, but I don't mind that so much.

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  1. comic con looks fun! so many ALPACAS!!! i'd have to get one haha
    i don't eat meat but those burgers look bloody epic! and your makeup looks beautiful as always :)


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