Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Weekly Inspirations

I don't know why I call them 'weekly' at this point, but for the sake of consistency I won't change the name of these posts. Right now I'm mourning the end of Dexter (I know it finished ages ago but I only started and finished the series recently) this is way worse than my mourning period over Breaking Bad, but I'll get though it.


I'm really into Sia right now. Her voice is somewhere between Nelly Furtado and Rihanna. I like the concept of Sia not showing her face during performances, she says she 'doesn't want to be famous' because she's seen what fame has done to her friends, she wants recognition for her art, but not the fame, love that. 'Breathe me' and 'Soon we'll be found' are my most played.

Slipknot: '5: The Gray Chapter'

I'm really enjoying the new Slipknot album, after Paul Grays death it seemed likely Slipknot would never get into the recording studio again, but I'm so glad they did because its a great album. The ones on repeat right now are 'AOV' and 'The Devil in I'. Must warn you, the video below contains some disturbing images.

The extended 'Always' advert:

"Why can't 'run like a girl' also mean 'win the race'"?

This advert really draws attention to the way women and men are raised to believe women are weak, It also proves the sexism is taught, young girls believe they can be the best at anything because society hasn't had a chance to tell them otherwise yet.


I'd forgotten how great this film is! I love that against all gender stereotypes Elle gets into Harvard, saves one woman from an abusive relationship and saves another from life imprisonment for a crime she didn't commit. In the end I expected her to go back to her sexist, egotistical ex-boyfriend, but by that point in the film she realizes she worth much more than that. This should be compulsive viewing for all!

I started this series a while ago and then stopped watching because I got obsessed with Dexter, I don't think it can really compare to my Dexter addiction but its coming pretty close. If you love films like Resident Evil (and how could you not?) then this is the show for you.

xoxo <3

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