Thursday, 13 November 2014

The perfect red.

Before my red lipstick obsession I would always admire women I saw on the streets who wore the color so effortlessly, its such a beautiful, strong, unapologetic color. Now I wear red day or night, and it feels empowering. You can dab it on the lips with fingers for a soft stain, apply a little under lip-balm for a subtle sheen, there are lipsticks that give a matte look, balm lipsticks that make your lip color party proof, and if you're particularly bold, reds with a glossy finish. Here are the red lipsticks in my collection.

Maybelline Color Sensational lipstick in 'Pleasure me red'

My first red lipstick, god knows how long I've had this for. I really should throw it out but it has such sentimental powers over me. One day it will hit the bin, today is not that day. Tends to bleed so a lip liner is a must if you're pulling an all nighter.

Sleek True Color matte lipstick in 'Russian Roulette' 

When I first discovered matte formulas and fell in love, my friend bought this, I saw it on her and pretty much instantly went to Superdrug to buy one too. Not that drying, lasts many hours and will flatter pretty much anyone.

Benefit Silky Finish lipstick in 'Frenched'

A very sheer red, incredibly moisturizing - its more like a heavily tinted lip balm than a lipstick, which disappointed me a lot when I got it through the post because it didn't look that way online.

Bourjois velvet rouge edition lipstick in 'Grand Cru'

The most exciting make-up purchase I've made this year. A matte lipstick that's comfortable to wear, 
and almost literally looks like velvet on the lips. The amazing blogger 'Vivianna does make-up' said 

"Its almost like Bourjois have stepped back, watched everyone put their formula to market, learnt from their mistakes and then produced one of the most kick-ass viscous lip products I've ever used" and that's all that needs to be said really. Go buy them. Now.

Calvin Klein delicious luxury creme lipstick (color rubbed off)

Comfortable on the lips and leaves a matte finish, stays put for quite a while too. You can get them discounted to £1.99 here you are welcome.

The most expensive lipstick I own and the least used, I love Kat Von D and how artistic/creative she is, but the pricing of her products is frankly ridiculous. Including shipping, I paid £30 for this liquid lipstick. Leaves a very, very matte finish, almost like chalk. It is very drying on the lips but the color really does stay on. Beautiful selection of colors too.

Maybelline SuperStay 18 hour color lipstick (cannot recall color)

One end is an opaque, liquid color, the other a conditioning balm that seals the color in. When they say "18 hour stay" they are not kidding! you will need an oil based make-up remover if you don't wish to scrub your lips to death. I'll only touch this stuff if I want a lip color to stay all day and all night. It can become dry throughout the day but you can combat this by topping up with the balm end of the wand. Its worth having at least one of these in your collection if you're a party girl/super busy.

If you're looking to get into red lip color, here are some general guidelines. I like to go to the high-street/drugstore and swipe the lipstick samples on my hand then hold it to my face. Look at it in natural daylight if you can (go outside) and see if the color drains your complexion or brightens it up.

Also, don't let sales people bully you into buying a shade you don't like!

Fair Skin - Dark orange-reds, pink reds, purple reds.

Light pink-reds that look like you've eaten cherries are the prettiest. Go for a purple based red color to look more vampire than goth, looks beautiful contrasted against paler skins. Blood reds with a hint of pink (like MAC's Ruby Woo) look equally as pretty with a touch more glamour.

Medium skin - Bright Orange-reds, brown reds, cherry reds, any reds really

Dark orange-reds look striking on medium toned skins (like MAC's Lady Danger). Deeper wine colors (very dark, ones that look almost black, but aren't) create the right level of contrast, as if you've just had a mouthful of red wine and its stained your lips.

Dark skin - bright orange reds, cherry reds, blood reds

Bold, bright and dark orange reds look amazing, as do blue toned, dark reds, (Such as MAC's Ruby Woo, which is a universally flattering shade) dark pinks are also very nice.

Hope this post inspired some of you to venture into red lipsticks, there really is a shade for everyone out there. Its well worth experimenting with different tones at the shops. The new collection of red lipsticks by Loreal look exciting, the high street have some truly great formulations with every kind of finish and staying power you can think of.

<3 xoxo

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  1. LOVE THIS POST! it's definitely inspired me to venture into red lipsticks. I love the Sleek lippy you have, it looks gorgeous!


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