Sunday, 16 November 2014

Photo Diary: Halloween edition

This month I've done a fair bit more than usual, I went to see Lady Gaga, met one of my literary heroes Darren Shan at a book signing, I saw Motorhead live at Wembley arena, paid tribute to the Mexican Halloween tradition of Dia de los muertos by becoming a sugar skull, coffee catch ups and delved deeper into my anime/manga obsession (if that's even possible). I've been feeling pretty down lately and writing this post has cheered me up a lot, I have a lot to be thankful for, even though I don't celebrate thanks giving, we should all give thanks anyway, right? Here's what I've been up to lately.

Gaga. aka: The Queen.

Meeting Darren Shan after 10+ years of reading his books was a dream come true! what a sweet and talented guy. If you're wondering why it looks like he is strangling me, he does that to everyone he takes a photo with, haha, because he writes horror, get it?

Shopping and with my sister, and introducing her to the pumpkin spiced latte.

Halloween fun times with fun people.

More alcohol than sense.

Seeing Motörhead was amazing! particularly loved that drum solo with all the dancing green lights. Magical.

Coffee catch up with Lucy over every Starbucks Christmas latte under the sun, the Gingerbread one is all kinds of awesome, and I plan on re-creating it for you guys so watch out for that!

My sister went to Hyper Japan and bought back every episode of Attack on Titan we didn't already have. If you haven't heard of Attack on Titan (first of all, have you been living under a rock?) its one of the most popular anime's out right now, I'm not a fan of on-going series (I like to watch them all in one go) but for this one I'll make an exception.

I think as I've gotten older, Christmas has lost a lot of its appeal for me, but this year I'm trying to embrace it more. Not that I'm a grinch in any way (reminder: must watch The Grinch) its just not as mysterious and special as it was when I was a child. Last year we didn't even put a tree up, but this year I'm making the whole family do it together, damn it, this year we will have Christmas spirit!

<3 xoxo

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  1. lovely photo diary hun :) so awesome that you saw Motorhead and you wore a Slipknot tshirt!! :D i'm glad that writing this has cheered you up too and so cool that you got to meet your fave author :')


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