Monday, 3 November 2014

ArtPop: The Ultimate Experience

I was very lucky to go see Lady Gaga in concert last week with my friend Rhys. I have loved this woman for the longest time, her style, creativity, positive attitude and the work/commitment she puts into everything she does is a massive inspiration to me. Oh, and her music is great too!

I didn't give myself that much time to get ready so easy make-up it was.

Make-up info:
Base is a mix of Revlon colorstay and Maybelline Fit Me foundations, Stila concealer, fashion fair oil control powder, Calvin Klein sheer eyeshadow in 'Sage Shimmer', Loreal million lashes mascara, Eyelure lashes, Eyelure brow pencil and Bourjois Velvet edition  lipstick in 'Ole Flamingo'.

We got the the O2 arena in North Greenwich and lined up for about an hour which isn't too bad for a concert this popular, really. There were some amazing Gaga inspired costumes but I was a little too shy to ask them if I could get a picture!

My photo doesn't do that impossibly pink, shimmery curtain any justice, it was so pretty! to be honest, the support acts were terrible, particularly Lady Starlight, I love all kinds of music so I'm not bias or overly harsh when I say that it was literally 20 minutes of the same bass line, no variations. Just imagine that torture for a second.

Gaga came on and I think I went slightly deaf from the amount of screaming. Only this woman would wear a flower thong, haha.

She did a wardrobe change after every song, but thankfully it only took a few minutes each time. My favorite outfit she wore by far was the pink blow up octopus dress, so cool.

There were so many random moments, like when she decided to pick up every chair on the stage and wear them like a dress, she made even this look good.

There was a point where she actually did a wardrobe change on stage and we saw her boobs (very nice boobs Gaga, congrats) and she said she probably wasn't allowed to do this but she didn't care, yay for nudity and breaking the rules.

And here are a few pictures Gaga posted on her facebook, in the last one you can see the beautiful Crystal encrusted gown she wore in the opening and finale. So stunning!

Rhys recorded a few of her performances that night, but my favorite was definitely the song 'Dope'

In the middle of the song she stopped and said "I'm so sick of losing friends to drugs and alcohol, I can't lose one more" and she actually cried during the performance which made me a little emotional too! Even while crying her voice was still so on point, that's talent.

Stupid grin face post-concert, I couldn't stop smiling.

Post concert I got home exhausted, we had been standing and dancing for around 8 hours, but it was totally worth the pain (and the packed tube journey home)

when I got in I downed around half of this Aloe Vera drink, I fully blame my friend Beckie for getting me addicted to this stuff, its basically grape juice with little chunks of aloe in it, tastes better than it sounds.

I'm so glad I put this downstairs before I left, If you're really lazy/tired then make-up remover is better than wipes I find. Don't ever sleep in your make-up, it clogs your pores, causes spots, dryness, irritates the skin etc etc, just don't do it!

Halfway through the concert she said "If you're a fan of ArtPop then this the ultimate experience" and it was. I had the best time, everyone danced and sang along like it was some kind of night club, Gaga was everything I knew she would be a more, definitely a night I'll remember forever. Thank you Gaga, it was incredible. xoxo


  1. yeeeeey i'm so glad you had a good time hun! it must've been an awesome experience :D
    I used to love Gaga when she first came out then after the vomiting on stage incident I kinda went off her but I don't know..i think i might have to get this album? Either way, there's no denying that she's so fucking talented and works her tiny butt off!

    1. Yeah I wasn't a fan of the whole vomiting thing, so gross! but at the same time I get she's trying to make 'art' in her own weird way, she kept going on about being 'artistically free' at the concert and I do agree, we decide what art is, and others won't always agree, but I guess that's the risk of creating? lol I don't know, but definitely check out ArtPop, most of the album is brilliant I think =) xoxo

    2. thanks hun and yeah, i totally agree with you! I've been listening to ArtPop today and love what i've heard so far :D


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