Sunday, 1 September 2013

The language of fashion.

Currently I am reading a book called 'The language of fashion' by the French sociologist Roland Barthes. It is an interesting insight into our relationship with clothes, why do we choose certain garments over others? what attracts us to them, how and why do our associations of clothes change throughout history dependant on function, style, popularity etc etc. I've only just started reading it but I love it already, a little tough to get through sometimes (lots of words I don't quiet understand, dictionary might be needed, I sure as hell need it haha) but once you get past that, a compelling read.

To me, fashion is art. It is literally a form of self expression. I love the website Lookbook because it's a wondrous little place of inspiration, I like to browse the newly updated section for hours sometimes just imagining how I could work elements of their looks into my own. For me, a successful and interesting outfit is a mixture of textures, shapes and colours, I love clashing things but matchy-matchy and simple looks can be equally as strong. Here are some of my favourite looks from the site right now.

High on my lust list is:

Crushed velvet jacket
A kimono jacket
A jewelled bag
cut out leather boots
Something brocade
A bright blazer
A tailored waistcoat
A witch-like hat

I am so excited for Winter, not because of the dropping temperatures but because I'll finally get to start layering again! I love mixing my clothes together to see what new outfits I can make, its so much cheaper and more creative than just buying a million separates. I'm glad that all my sisters are back home right now, it means I can borrow some of their fabulous accessories! gotta love having sisters.


  1. Genial seleccion de fotografias

  2. super inspiring post hun, loved it :)
    some people just have the most incredible sense of style! I totally agree with you about fashion being art, it really is a great way of expressing yourself. I also think there's a huge different between fashion and style.
    Great post!

    1. Thank you so much! that's so true, I've never been one to religiously follow trends just because everyone is wearing them, fashion can be limiting sometimes and a little shallow but style is much more personal and creative!


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