Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Photo diary

Here are a few photo's of what I've been up to lately, not much, but I haven't really had much on my calendar. Cannot wait to start uni again, I love my family and hanging out with them, but I miss my own space and most of all I miss my friends back in North London!

Selfie with messy hair.

My sister got me this e-reader, I said I'd never buy one because I love the feel of real books too much, but I must admit I'm a total convert.

My favourite fragrance right now, I hated Katy Perry's previous scent so when I smelt this in a shop the other day I was pleasantly surprised. It smells like berries and glamour - also it's quiet affordable and comes free with the scented body lotion.

Cream tea homemade style, Sainsburys do the best clotted cream and strawberry conserve.

Hanging around with my kitties, I've missed them so much since I moved.

My dad makes the BEST shepherds pie, I'll try and find his recipe to share with you guys at some point.

Crappy experimentations in drawing, I'm very rusty.

More reading, I'm about halfway through and I must say, I'm not a fan of the writing style, sorry Brown!

My glittery new e-reader case, it doesn't quiet fit my kobo but it looks so cool that I'm okay with that.

Outfit of the day, white bralet and long black maxi skirt, both from NewLook.

Make-up: Eyeliner by Eyeko, lipstick 'Frenched' by Benefit, blusher by MAC, foundation Dream matte mouse by Maybelline and a little Sleek bb cream underneath.

I spent the day with Chris in the sunshine drinking some delicious ciders.

My state of a room, I said to myself I would make it spotless before heading home to visit the fam, but obviously this did not happen.

House party at the flat, this is a friend trying on my spiky Jeffrey Campbell lita heels.

We played 'Ring of fire' but quickly got bored, it was taking forever to play because there were 20 of us.

My friends sometimes like to fill my drink with theirs, this was vodka, southern comfort, apple sourz and cider.

We made jelly shots for the house party, we ran out of shot glasses so we had to improvise (hence the egg cup)

Beckie getting all sleepy, I think this is shortly before she passed out for the night.


This is the best apricot jam I've ever tasted, handmade apparently.

I've been reading a lot lately, my current reads are 'Angels and Demons' by Dan Brown, 'Origin of species' by Charles Darwin, 'Dream psychology' by Sigmund Freud and as if that wasn't enough I'm about to start the second book in the hunger games series 'Catching fire'. I really should stick to one thing at a time, can you tell I'm the kind of person who struggles to finish something? haha, I'm planning a lot of baking experiments this week so look out for my recipes. Happy Hump day!


  1. your cats are so cute :)
    lol i'd get so lost if I read more than one book at a time haha I wasn't a fan of Browns writing either but I'm ashamed to say I do LOVE the films haha

  2. GREAT photos Amanda! I love your make up and your kitties the best! Is it hard not to trip in a maxi skirt? I am a clutz, so I have to worry about things like that! (: I look forward to your recipes! Post photos plz! OH, and what is the food item in this with the red jam on top? I couldn't figure out how it was tea! LOL ((((:

    1. Thanks Lory, the pic is a cherry scone with cotted cream and jam, sooooo yummy! =) oh, I meant 'cream tea' as in little cream cakes you have in the afternoon with your tea, it's a very English thing to do I believe.


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