Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Heaven and Roadhouse.

I ventured to two very different clubs over the past two days, 'Roadhouse' in Covent Garden is a lovely hidden away spot where you can drink cocktails and dine on American style food, which is just what I did with my dinner date Rosa. Now, I have actually been to Roadhouse before, but I was - how do I put this - too intoxicated to fully appreciate it? haha. Like all good stories, this one starts with wine.

White wine to be specific, it wasn't good and I definitely wouldn't recommend it, however for £9.50 a bottle it wasn't half bad. After our drinks it was time to order food, I went for a beautiful looking beast of a burger called 'The works' which as the title suggests, has a little of everything. The amazingly tender beef burger was topped with tomato, gherkin, smoked bacon, cheddar cheese, caramelised onions and sautéed mushrooms.

They'll ask you how you want your burger, I suggest you say medium for the results below. Rosa had the BBQ chicken, bacon and cheese melt which she said is "Fucking succulent chicken' in other words, its seriously good.

After dinner our friends arrived and we decided to optimize the last of happy hour and order some cocktails, and yes, there is indeed a motorcycle sitting in the centre of the bar.

The flair of the barmen and women is pretty amazing, and they aren't just skilled at throwing a bottle or two in the air, luckily for us they also make a pretty great cocktail. The spotlights at Roadhouse made for some pretty dramatic lighting in these pics.

 Strawberry Daiquiri 

 Raspberrylicious cocktail

Screaming orgasm (yes please ;)

Julia ordered these pretty amazing nachos too, the cheese sauce in the centre was the best. After finding a place to sit (or stand until they brought us some more chairs!) I had a little wonder around to take in the awesome décor.

There are neon signs everywhere you look, road signs, projections of strange shapes and pin up girls, and even a 1924 Harley Davison motorcycle hanging from the ceiling. After a few drinks and meeting some random but pleasant new people, the live band came on. The band were called 'The Electric Mayhem' and they did mostly indie covers, the stand out songs for me were 'All these things that I've done' by The Killers, 'Yellow' by Coldplay and 'Don't stop me now' by Queen.

 The guys voice was pretty great, and he chose mostly upbeat, dance-y songs so of course we danced throughout the whole set.

Heaven nightclub is the other place we went, on Mondays they have a student night where if you have valid student id, you can get free entry and drink deals. I didn't take many photos here because it's just a typical looking night club (almost), and also the music was so good that I just wanted to spend most of my time dancing.

 Rosa and Julia looking all cute.

Here's why I said 'almost' typical looking, in one of the many rooms at Heaven night club there is this giant bed surrounded by fairy lights, I couldn't decide if it looked ethereal or sleazy, might have to go with the second one considering the kind of guys that we encountered there.


  1. delicious burger!

  2. the food looks great hun :)


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