Monday, 15 July 2013

Rosa's birthday weekend

This weekend we celebrated Rosa's birthday, she turned 21 so of course we had to go out. Before the big party we stayed in with a glass (or 5) of wine and watched chick flicks. I stupidly chose 'Dear John' thinking it would be a good tear jerker. There were no tears, I can't believe how comically bad that film is! Then we watched Breaking Dawn part 2 which was much much better, I'm not the biggest fan of the Twilight series, but the films are a lot better than the books at least. we tried to make Bradley - Rosa's boyfriend - an honorary girl for the night, but understandably he wasn't all too keen to discuss boys and nail polish.

The next day we went to Finsbury Park for a picnic in the sun, it was 30 degrees so for once, I actually put sunscreen on. I don't usually bother because I've never burnt in my life, but you can never be too careful with temperatures like these.

After a few plastic cups of Champagne and wine, we headed back to start getting ready for the night.

Chris looking very excited.

We arrived quiet early to the club, I've never been to Picadilly institute before but I loved it. Great cocktails, friendly bar staff and great, great music.

The birthday girl on the left next to Emma.

Rosa looking pretty with her boyfriend Bradley.

Chris posing with the white gloves and black glittery hat we found littering the club as decorations.

Bradley trying to look Italian.

Rosa and her mum, awwww.

The sharer cocktail came in a giant skull which I thought was pretty cool, I like how the candles on the tables looked like mini disco balls. Rosa's fabulous dress is from Asos.

The cocktails were delicious, and during happy hour pretty reasonably priced too. Picadilly institute is a minutes walk from the station, nicely decorated and the people seemed friendly too, the music is mostly current chart hits which I loved. I'd definitely come here again when I'm feeling rich. Stupidly, me Chris and Lucy decided to come home early, and that's when I'd discovered that I'd forgotten my keys.

We had to wait 4 hours until the other came home with the keys. Me and Lucy went to McDonald's for sustenance and waited it out, Chris was so exhausted that he just slept the time away. What an idiotic thing to do! I kept apologising for leaving the keys inside and prayed that they didn't hate me. Apart from this major blip in the night, I had a really great time. As soon as we got back inside we crashed and slept into the early afternoon. Thanks Rosa for a super fun time, hope you had an amazing 21st!

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  1. That giant skull glass is AMAZING!!! I'd want to take it home haha
    looks like you all had a great time.


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